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Using Psychology to Elevate Your Social Presence 🧠

Updated: Oct 11, 2021

WHY is psychology relevant to real estate social media? We’ve all learned that the world is going digital. Agents are taking their door knocking strategies and are headed for your inbox rather than your mailbox. As with all marketing strategies, they are only successful when they are converting. Head of Agent Development at Compass Realty, Lance Pendleton(@lancelotpendleton), says: “Social media is an absolute goldmine for real estate businesses. Of course, that’s assuming you have a concrete social strategy and aren’t just winging it. Bad social media is when you're doing the same things in your mass email marketing and just dumping it right into your social strategy.”

With a background in behavioral psychology, Lance is a pro at teaching agents to deepen their relationships with clients in order to increase their connections. This method is rooted in humanistic behaviorism and promotes better, healthier business practices. These practices include tools for agents to not only feel better about themselves, but allows them to work smarter not harder. Lance joined Very Social NYC CEO and top Manhattan agent Ryan Garson (@Ryangsellsnyc) to teach our LabCoat Agents the psychology of it all!

Ryan really puts it best when he says that while yes, we’re real estate agents, we’re so much more than that! We’re community leaders, we’re thought leaders, we’re down to earth and love to have fun and social media gives us the platform to showcase all of that. In the simplest of words, social media promotes the sharing of ideas, thoughts and information through virtual networking and community building. As we’ve surely all heard time and time again, a picture is worth a thousand words. But why stop at a thousand words? Video is where social media is headed. TikTok and Youtube are exploding right now and Instagram is really beginning to promote creators that fuel their competition with these top video platforms. This isn’t to say that photos are out, but video is definitely in and your fall social media strategy should have some video content built in. Video helps to add that realness to your brand that a simple photo or brochure can’t capture. Your storytelling has the ability to add a sense of tangibility to your brand.

How do you develop a storytelling strategy? Be yourself. NEWS FLASH: your target audience on social media is not a group of realtors. If you don’t put yourself into the mind of your ideal consumer who is opening up their social media, and provide them what they came there for (think entertainment, lifestyle, hot takes), you will never show up on their feed. In the transition from door knocking and park bench ads to instagram posts and email marketing, agents have lost the ability to build and negotiate trust. The oversaturation of posts about new listings, open houses and market updates have shown almost zero return on investment—people don’t care. So, how do you begin a connection with people to allow them to better understand the human side of who you are and what you do? Developing a mindshare. Gone are the days of being top of mind, just bombarding your audience with as much information as you’re able to churn out just to keep your name at the top of their inbox. Here’s the truth: without increasing trust and establishing meaningful relationships through acts of intentional connection, your audience is flagging your content as spam.

What you post to social media isn’t about you. You need to tailor your strategy to create content that really connects with your audience. Think about the posts that you enjoy seeing when you use social media. Just because you’re an agent doesn’t mean all of your content needs to be focused on real estate. You can create that same joy for others. Use your content to tell a story, spark conversations, and share knowledge. This is mindshare. This type of content forms those long lasting connections. As an agent you already have this big, welcoming personality that can easily translate into great content. Draw your followers in with your personality and your interests.

You know the importance of effectively building your social media presence, but putting in those crucial hours and building up the skills to make your profile a success just isn’t your main priority—being a lucrative agent is! Let our Very Social team of expert copywriters, designers, and community managers take the work off your hands, so you can focus on running your business.

Get started with our starter package that will bring your real estate business to the next level. For just $400 per month, you’ll get a monthly calendar with 12 posts (copy, images, and relevant hashtags) and 12 Instagram stories complete with peak-hour posting and engagement. This package is a great way to get your mindshare established!

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