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  • How does the content calendar work?
    We create a monthly visual calendar for you to sign off; the calendar includes images and copy for each of the suggested posts.
  • How do you transfer information and assets?
  • How fast can you share my real-time live content?
    Within 24 hours.
  • How do you measure ROI?
    We analyze engagement, likes, and comments as the growth metrics on your account, plus the overall aesthetic improvements.
  • How do you know of the events and holidays that are important to me?
    We have a Very Social event calendar tool that we'll share with you to populate.
  • Can you create content for us?
    We'd love to! We are Very creative, and have created compelling content for many brands before. Creative studio services aren't included in our packages and fees will vary per project.
  • How do you grow following?
    Our dedicated team will manually engage with your existing following and your target audience to make sure your reach is amplified. We'll outline a new content strategy for you to make sure you're sharing content that resonates.
  • How long is the on-boarding process?
    Once all the assets are collected, it takes us one week to prepare the 1st calendar draft.
  • How often do we touch base? Discuss strategy and growth?
    As your strategic partner, we are here for you; we will respond to your questions or other emails as soon as we can. We'll get together (virtually or in real life) for a monthly touch base to analyze results, review creative concepts and ongoing strategies.
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