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We are a creative social media agency and strategic partner for entrepreneurs and brands.


Very Social is a creative and social media agency that specializes in building and amplifying the brands of real estate professionals around the country through tailored social media strategies.

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Our founder, Manhattan and Brooklyn real estate agent Ryan Garson, found out firsthand how much a social media manager improves business and industry influence. He attributes much of his success to social media, and his experience led him to make personal branding and social media more accessible tools for others. Very Social has only expanded from there.


Today, our network includes a full creative studio capable of end-to-end production of photo and video content, with personalized graphics, colors, and fonts. Our copywriters develop captions to best capture your voice, while our growth team continually investigates top trends and devises strategies to increase your engagement and visibility.


Grow with us, get to know us better—it’s good to be Very Social!



Our social media managers collaborate with you to elevate your social media: we create your content calendars, manage your accounts, and audit your account’s growth on a month-to-month basis so you’re always on top of the game. Whether you want to drive up engagement, take your online presence in a new direction, or get started from scratch, we’ll help you build and grow your brand. 


What we offer:

  • Social media management

  • Monthly social media audits and consultation meetings

  • Content creation (i.e. in-feed posts, stories, reels, ad designs)

  • Organic growth (i.e. followers) and engagement (i.e. likes, comments)



I'm going to give you a recommendation that lots of top agents are using right now: a group called Very Social. It was started by agents, for agents. So these are actually agents that are running a program that will help other agents get better at connecting to social media. Very, very cool. I even turn all my stuff over to them because I need some help in that department as well, too. My tip would be to think about outsourcing. Think about allowing a brand to look very, very curated and connected. 

Lance Pendleton

CompassHead of Agent Development


Our Instagram feed is the foundation of our online presence—scroll through at @verysocialnyc

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