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How Social Media Agencies Add Value to Your Business

Instagram is constantly evolving. With over 995 photos uploaded every second, it takes a lot of time and energy to make sure your content gets noticed. Running for nearly 12 years, Instagram has stamina because it has one goal in mind: to monetize your content. If you don’t have the budget or know-how, make the most of the app’s range of features (i.e. Stories, IGTV, Reels), just like one of our favorite RE agents Ryan Garson (@ryangsellsnyc). Utilizing all the features not only peaks the interest of your followers; it’s a handshake with the infamous Instagram algorithm. It’s generally believed that you have to have notoriety offline to make it online, but you don’t need to be Cristiano Ronaldo to stand out on social media! Try following some of these steps:

● Respond quickly to direct messages (yes, they’re even checking this)!

● Go live—it will send a notification to your followers, getting them back on to the platform

and onto your profile.

● Be clear with your branding—the algorithm is less likely to consider your content spam if

you have a coherent grid and voice.

● Jump onto Reels. They’re easily shareable, they’re permanent, and as they’re relatively

new to the platform, they’re boosting anyone who engages with the feature and their


● Stories—make sure to post at least three per day. They’re the perfect antidote to the

curated in-feed posts and can feature more of your “real” side without taking away from

your professional feed.

● Finally, avoid copying your competition—your personality is your brand, so be authentic.

Ryan is a prime example of how social media elevates businesses, with a 195% increase in Instagram followers in 12 months, 150% increase in story responses, 250% increase in

comments, and 250 to 300 DMs per month. He’s amassed $25M in sales with an ROI of 1200%, as well as $600k in commissions through Instagram! However, as the leader of the Garson Team at Compass, CEO of Very Social, and partner @houses, time isn’t something he’s got a lot of. So what’s the secret behind his success? It takes a team of skilled social media specialists to grow his brand and perform the following services, so he doesn’t have to worry about:

● Social media management.

● Social media strategy.

● Engagement and follower growth.

● Creative direction and talent sourcing.

● Engaging Instagram Stories.

● Live event coverage.

● Professional photography and videography.

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