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How to Appeal to the Younger Generations of Millennials and Gen Z

It may seem like engaging with the younger generations and creating attractive content among the masses is a daunting, difficult task. Don’t fret—it’s not as hard as it seems! You might be asking yourself: Aren’t Millennials and Gen Z totally different? The answer is yes. In their political views, ways of thinking, and likes and appeals, they tend to diverge. With that being said, the marketing tactics are the same. In essence, they are both younger demographics and crave the same things from social media. All they want is fresh content: no more visibly-made-with-a-template posts, unedited photos, or even recycled memes that you and your friends might think are funny (unfortunately, they're probably not).

Let’s start with relatable content. If they can’t relate to you, then they will not want to follow you or engage with your content. How are you offering content that they can relate to and connect with? Your content should be refreshing in the sense that it touches on and reveals aspects of yourself. No, this isn’t asking you to put your entire life on social media, but to be yourself and do not force this idealistic persona. Don’t be tricked into thinking that people want to see a certain side of you; you are allowed to put who you are and your personality on social. Millennials and Gen Z respond to authenticity and if you put that out there, you can be sure that they will be attracted to your content.

It’s all about IG Stories these days! Yes, having to take out the time to make a story or film content can be annoying and time-consuming but it is definitely worth it. These generations are constantly on their phones and craving new content, which means if they are not seeing you actively posting, they will not reciprocate that engagement. Posts are important, but it is your Stories where you will get the most visibility: around 70% of Millennials and Gen Z scroll through their IG Stories more often than they do posts. It’s all about making yourself known and standing out amongst the crowd.

Lastly, don’t sleep on producing video content to reach Millennial and Gen Z! These generations, especially Gen Z, are the “TikTok generations” which means that video content stands out to them and will ensure that they will pay attention to your page. In general, videos have been the main medium that Instagram wants their users to start to focus on; it is not only more engaging, but 54% of IG users have said that they would like to see more videos on their feed. It starts with a simple idea such as a house tour, an event you are taking part in, or a day-in-the-life. Capturing content for these videos is as easy as filming snapshots to be able to piece it together later into a short video that gives people the content they want and for you to get your message across—a video can convey much more than a few photos can! Using the right audio for your video is essential; the upbeat pop song on the radio is probably not the best choice for your video about your favorite coffee shop. When making your videos using either Instagram Reels or TikTok, the platform gives you suggested sounds to go with them, so take advantage of that. These are informal platforms which means there is no need for high-production videos. The simpler ones perform well, if not better, because they relate more to the everyday person.

The Millennial and Generation Z population on Instagram is growing and the best thing to do is start catering your content to fit them into your demographic. Putting together some sort of brand that they can associate with is essential so they are able to recognize your content and engage with it in a positive way. Here at Very Social, we are dedicated to building your social media identity while including aspects of your life and work. Our social media experts work with you to ensure we are putting out the best and most real image of you. Put your Instagram troubles in our hands and let us do the work while you grow your empire!


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