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How to Interact with Your Followers on Social Media

Why Interact?

As social media managers, we strive to capture the audience’s attention by any means possible. Social media has rapidly changed the way that the world digests its information. People have gone from watching an hour-long news program on TV to reading 120 characters per news item, and then scrolling on to the next. Our brains are on hyperdrive, constantly being stimulated by the next item on our feed. So then, how do you stand out?

The fact of the matter is, that all media requires some level of interaction. Whether it’s asking questions, using aesthetic images, or using special sound effects, the goal is to grab the audience’s attention. This is the key to “stopping someone’s scroll”—or essentially, catching their eye. In today’s day and age, it’s harder than it looks. Our minds are going at a rapid pace and as social media managers, our goal is to create content that slows it down—gets the audience member off autopilot and their internal cogs moving again. So, how do we do that?

Ask Questions!

Questions are a direct request to your audience to interact with your account. A fun way to utilize questions in your content is to use it in your comments! Let's say you post a listing—a gorgeous house situated along a private coastline, a dream home! Ask your audience: “What do you think this property is worth?” or “Would you want to live here?” Questions like these offer your audience a reason to engage with your content and can surely increase your reach as a result.

Utilize Stories!

Instagram Stories are a great resource to engage with your audience. Stories are your direct line of communication—where you can post videos, relatable content, polls, and even ask direct questions. We love to utilize polls and question boxes in Stories because they can be used to engage with an audience in a fun and meaningful way, as well as further engage with your audience.

Upload Reels!

The rise of video sharing platforms like TikTok has really revolutionized the way we digest media—in short, fun, digestible blurbs. Think about it… This whole blog post could have been a 30-second TikTok: short, sweet, and to the point. The fact of the matter is that people like to get to the point, and there's no better way to get a point across than short digestible reels. We can attest that clients who utilize Reels, reach far wider audiences due to their increased exposure and boost among the Instagram algorithm.

Show Different Aspects of Your Life!

People are nosy. It’s true! We love to see how others' lives are going—how they function and what their daily routines look like “behind the scenes.” Balancing your content with both business related media and personal media is a great way to distinguish yourself from other business-related accounts. Give your audience a peek into what makes you special or out of the ordinary—and it’ll surely attract some attention.

Need any help?

Do you still need help interacting with your audience? Or do you have good ideas but aren’t the best at showcasing it on your social media channels? Here are Very Social, we strive to help all of our clients by creating and posting engaging content that will surely help to capture your audience’s attention. Let us help you establish your brand, grow your account, and stand out!

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