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How to Promote Your Listing and Connect with Buyers on Social Media

Your social presence is your personal and professional portfolio, which means you need to create content your potential clients will want to digest. How do you do this?

Firstly, showcase your listings: past, present, and future. Just because a listing is closed does not mean it’s not of value—consider it an opportunity to demonstrate what you’re capable of while keeping up the momentum for the selling side of your profile. When people are looking to purchase a property, they break it down into the features that they want and don’t want. It’s important to reflect that in your posts too, so people know what to expect when it comes to you as an estate agent and your property. Flaunt the highlights of a property, including its views, beautiful surfaces, scale, and outdoor space, placing the details you wish to promote at the top of your caption. Your listing should be more than an image on the screen. It is a home. It is cozy Sunday afternoons playing board games while the rain patters down outside, so after the important facts about a home, paint a picture of the place as if you were there to show them the listing in real life.

You can grab even more attention with a video tour of your listing. As with inserting the highlights of a listing at the top of your caption, always begin your video house tours with interesting facts within the first eight seconds, as this is the amount of time you have to grab and hold a viewer’s attention. The wonderful thing about a video tour? You can promote a whole plethora of aspects about a listing, and still have the opportunity to expand upon them within the caption, meaning the client can get a full 360 of a property without ever visiting it.

Over 50% of people are visual learners, which means more than half of your audience understand information better when it’s presented to them in an infographic. These designs can contain any form of educational content from “Market Updates” to “How to rent a property in 3 easy steps” but as long as the information is of value to your target audience, it is worth creating. A potential customer saving this infographic to refer back to means that they not only see you as an authoritative figure in the industry, but they will see your branding again, which is free advertising you don’t want to miss out on. Infographics are also highly shareable content as the information applies to a large pool of people, thus increasing the number of impressions your content gets.

Whether you’re creating a video, an in-feed graphic, or a story, always tag anyone from the interior designer in the image to the location. Tagging gets your content more views and reach, and if your content is shared you’ll have even more eyes on your listing. This follows through to local business’ too-you want to show off the location, not just the listing. This means finding out all the hotspots in the area that will draw people in and watching their accounts. If there is a lot of engagement then tagging them in your beautiful images and designs may result in a share to their audience. The same rule applies to local influencers-search by location in the Instagram app and take note of the people that regularly share content so you can reach their audience too. Don’t be afraid to promote local business’ and events instead of your own content occasionally, this does not take away from your brand, in fact, it demonstrates your passion and expertise in your role, and an influencer in the area might be more motivated to share it out too.

No matter how appealing the home is, if the location isn’t what the customer is looking for, or they don’t fully grasp what the area has to offer, then it won’t translate into a sale. Remember, not all aspects of a location are tangible, so sell the values of the local community: how fresh the air is in a rural location, or who they’re likely to bump into in an affluent area (“did someone say, DiCaprio?”). Now more than ever, real estate agents are realizing the value of Instagram for their business, so staying up to date with the latest app advancements and industry changes can be tough – that’s where we come in. Very Social is here to take everything off your hands when it comes to social media, from the copy and photo editing to your profile branding and stories. we’re always in touch with the latest trends and updates and promise social media expertise—so leave your account in our hands and you can focus on running your business and closing sales!

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