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How to Tell Your Story Through Instagram Stories

It’s time to tell your story, not just professionally, but the reality of your world. It is often forgotten that with your stories, you are the star of the show. Your in-feed is well thought-out and a perfected version of your brand, so you need your stories to show the real picture, from family events and vacations to behind-the-scenes at house tours and your work with other realtors.

Your stories are how you get people engaged. Your in-feed posts, IGTV, and live videos are the places to go into detail, but stories are the place to get to the point. Attention spans are getting shorter, so waste no time when you’re selling yourself and your business—

  • Consolidate your house tours from your main feed by teasing the best bits.

  • Sell the benefits of joining your live-viewing to your audience.

  • Offer a window into a neighborhood you’re showing listings in.

  • Present your fun side with snippets of your time with family and friends.

  • Authentically entertain by showing your home life, and in turn become more personable.

  • Show behind-the-scenes at your viewings, even the bloopers.

  • And don’t forget to show your success stories!

Creating engagement opportunities is the key way to get more business. Polls, questions and quizzes give people—who aren’t ready to fully connect publicly on your feed—a way to show some interest in what you have to offer. When people engage with your story, they open the door to a conversation, and that’s how you establish a new connection.

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