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Ten Post Ideas for Instagram

Social media has become a huge part of everyday life, whether we like it or not! It allows us to get a glimpse into other people’s lives and share parts of ourselves as well. From personal spheres to more professional ones, it is incontestable that Instagram is a great way to connect to the people around you.

The question, then, is: But what do you post? Don’t fret—we’ve got ideas for you! Give these a try:

  • Small business spotlight: Now more than ever, bringing attention to local businesses in your area is important. It’s a great way to show your support and let everyone know about community gems. Give a shout out to your favorite coffee shop, restaurant, or boutique—it’ll be appreciated!

  • Friends & family: Personal content performs best! Giving your followers insight on who you love surrounding yourself with and what you do for fun makes you seem personable and helps bridge the gap between you and your followers. Showing your personality is a great way to let your followers know they can trust you!

  • Memes: Memes are always a great way to make your page seem more lighthearted and get some good laughs; they’re also a great way to gain traction through relatability! Be sure to stay on top of the latest ones.

  • Local events: Similar to highlighting local businesses in your area, try posting about local events that you or your followers may be interested in. Whether it’s a festival, exhibit, or attraction, it’s a great way to appear as a local expert and earn credibility among your audience.

  • Series: Keep your followers engaged with content they will want to keep coming back to. A series of posts (image or video) helps pique and maintain interest throughout posts. Whether it’s a weekly community spotlight or a baking series in your own home, there are so countless options to explore.

  • Asking questions: Asking a question gives your followers a reason to interact and engage with your posts. Questions such as: “What’s your favorite movie,” “What did you want to be when you grew up,” or “Where is your dream vacation spot,” open up the conversation beyond a simple “like.” And of course, additional traction via comments never hurts!

  • Behind-the-scenes: What goes on in a day in the life? Highlight the essential parts of your job and what makes you, you! People love to know what goes behind a business and its secrets to success!

  • Informative carousels: Got a topic you’re passionate about? Share the knowledge with your followers and spread the joy! Whether it’s a hobby, aspects of your job, or cool fun facts, build credibility among your audience and intrigue them with your interests.

  • Tips, tricks, and hacks: Similar to informative carousels, as an expert in your industry, don’t be afraid to share what you’ve learned on the job with your followers. If you’ve got an innovative way of doing something, your followers would love to hear it!

  • Social media holidays: Did you know? There’s a fun holiday, virtually every day! These fun national holidays range from National Donut Day to National Bosses Day to National Cat Day, and are some of the best ways to post something fun and relatable while also showing your followers what you’re interested in.

For social media, it’s all about drawing people back to your page with content that can relate to. (It is, after all, social media!) Don’t be afraid to express your true, authentic self—relatability and humanization go a long way in connecting with your audience and having them engage with you. If you want to start those conversations and form those connections, it’s essential to build credibility in both personal and professional senses, to be a well-rounded individual. Give these ideas a try, and see how they work in expanding your reach!

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