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The Power of Influencer Marketing

Ever wondered why social media marketers are so obsessed with all 72.1 million millennials? This demographic represents 38% of homebuyers in the U.S.—and not to mention, these wealthy millennials are attracted to large properties! With funds derived from finances and tech-fueled new wealth creation (as well as inheritance), this generation is purchasing later in life, and they’re purchasing big! Reach this audience through the power of influencer marketing, a strategy that's growing faster than digital ads; it increases brand awareness, puts your content in front of a new audience, and generates potential leads for your business. In short, it's a great way to target the younger demographic, right down to Gen Z.

When we all spend so much time making ourselves credible in the eyes of our clients, family, and friends offline, it’s important we don’t lose that focus online. Boost your online portfolio when you collaborate with an industry influencer and make the most out of the benefits of partnering up:

1. Enjoy a notability for working with someone recognizable to your followers:

Influencers, both big and small, have gained loyal followings that trust and love their content, meaning that they’re paying attention to what and who they’re working with. Matching with someone who can capture an audience potentially out of your reach is the perfect way to multiply your follower number overnight.

2. Spice up your content:

No matter how multifaceted you and your business are, it never harms to incorporate a fresh face, new content style and a new subject, all changes that will come as part of the package of working with someone that isn’t, well, you!

3. Reach your target audience:

When you target through paid Instagram ads, you can’t always guarantee the audience they reach will be engaged with your content. However, a following of people who trust an influencer promoting your content, is therefore more likely to trust you. The best part? No need to keep testing to find your perfect audience; they’re already right in front of you!

4. Enhance your brand:

Now that you’re reaching new people, it’s time for them to learn about your brand message, your personal story, and what you can offer them. Showcase everything you have to offer across all the features on the Instagram app, because this is your portfolio, and the world should see it!

5. Build your future presence:

Reputable companies and influencers are less likely to work with someone who is new to the world of collaborations, so start building partnerships now. No matter how small, pairing with the right people can help both of you grow, and the possibilities of where that could lead—from live events to long-term partnerships—are endless!

Connecting with an influencer may be powerful, but it is costly, which is why we suggest making the most of it. Not only will you keep your new audience interested in your brand, but you’ll be improving your ranking within the algorithm too. When the influencer marketing industry is worth nearly $15 billion dollars, you can be sure it's a worthy investment.

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