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The Secrets of Growing Your Brand and Winning Business

500 million people open Instagram every single day, and they’re spending an ever-increasing amount of time on the app; your brand needs to be on the top 4 most visited websites in the world, and it needs to be presented in the best way possible. The simplest yet most unacknowledged part of creating your brand is great visuals and-most importantly-a great grid. When you build a website, a logo, a product design, the visual is the main focus, and this should be the case for your IG grid too. Begin by taking inspiration from your competitor’s Instagram feeds, notice what they have in common and what you think they’re missing. Next, you need to decide what you want to express about your company; what is that one thing that sets you apart visually? There are so many ways your business may be unique, including:

  • Your family: people work with people, so your Instagram should show the people that support you and your business. This will gain their trust and bring them more into your brand.

  • The color scheme: show off your company colors so your followers can’t forget them. Having a consistent and memorable color scheme means people will recognize your content in their feed and are therefore more likely to engage with it as they become more familiar with you.

  • Filter: this may seem juvenile, but a (subtle) filter creates consistency and sets the mood for your content. You wouldn’t be compelled to work with a brand that made all their content dark and moody, would you?

  • Style: if you’re a confident, positive character, your overall style should be colorful, full of positive personal quotes and family pictures. Some brands prefer to convey a more subtle style, which is where the minimalist look comes in. Think about how your grid AKA your personal mood board, should make people feel.

Let’s move on to variety, and how vital it is in all aspects of your life, including your content. Instagram posts need to showcase all aspects of your business, with their new clearly defined aesthetic, in order to attract attention and keep people engaged with your brand. There are literally hundreds of content types we could recommend, but our top five this month are:

  • Behind the scenes of your personal and professional life.

  • Motivational posts that get people pumped to work at your level.

  • An “ask-me-anything” post motivating people to engage with you.

  • Promotional content for a new service you do or plan to provide.

  • Testimonials that highlight your amazing work, and motivate people to create future work for you.

Now you know how and what to create for your visual content, don’t think you can ignore your social media copy; it needs to impress too. Your personal digital landscape should be made up of designs that draw in your followers, but stay to read your message—and the longer someone spends reading your caption and engaging with your post, the better your post will rank with the Instagram algorithm. You don’t need to be a professional writer to engage your audience, simply decide what your main message will be, write it in your own personal voice and finish it off with a fitting emoji, as well as up to 30 hashtags.

In 2021, don’t leave anything up to chance. Your social media is an invaluable tool that takes time and energy to create and being passionate about your Instagram is difficult when you’re running a business—that’s where we come in. Very Social is here to take everything off your hands when it comes to social media, from the copy and photo editing, to your profile, branding, and stories. Our clients said we helped them;

  • Keep their content consistent so customers and clients truly understand their message.

  • Saved them time and energy, with new and unique content designed to impress.

  • Engage in creative conversation, opening up new ideas for their business.

  • Push them out of their comfort zone so their brand grows bigger than they ever planned.

We’re always in touch with the latest trends and updates and promise social media expertise—so leave your account in our hands and you can focus on running your business and closing sales!

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