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Why is Marketing So Important When it Comes to Growing Your Business?

What does marketing do? It engages your audience. It informs your audience. It sells and grows your brand. Depending on what a person sees on any given day, it can affect how they live their lives: where to go for coffee, where to get lunch with a friend, and what clothes or technology to buy.

When someone wants to try a new product, they look to the internet and social media. They see what kind of ratings a business has and if they have an online presence at all. Nowadays, it is very rare to find a business with no social media at all—and when a business lacks a curated social media presence, people are less likely to reach out to them. These days, your social media is essentially your online portfolio!

By being present on social media platforms, you engage your audience and by doing so, you keep the conversation going between them and you—it lets them in on the “hottest new thing.” They feel like they are a part of something bigger, a feeling of belonging. By continuing that positive conversation and relationship with your audience, you build credibility and reliability. If the majority of the population likes your business, then the people that use your product will feel proud to be affiliated with you. In turn, they may leave positive feedback, whether through word of mouth or online, and that will draw even more business in.

In addition, using social media daily helps drive traffic to your website and company. In various social media platforms, your audience can reply directly to certain posts which may help you know what sort of things they like, or what sort of questions they have. By giving the community more access to you, you can receive helpful feedback in real-time about your business and how you can improve. This can be especially helpful for smaller businesses—whose advantage over large corporations are their relatable, modest appeal—or when you want to foster closer relationships with those in your local community. Don’t forget the “social” in “social media”: make yourself accessible to your audience, and from there you can develop genuine relationships and a loyal client base.

Because of the pandemic, a lot of companies are turning to social media to stay relevant. It may be difficult and even overwhelming to keep up with social media trends these days while you run a business. What is trending? What is not trending? Social media is constantly changing and growing.

Here at Very Social, we know how important good social media marketing is, and pride ourselves in being well-versed in the latest trends. Let our team of experts work with you to grow your brand, and bring it to the next level!

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